The Single Wives Book & Seminars are powerful and insightful resources that guide women in dating God’s way with the objective of obtaining and sustaining loving relationships and fulfilling marriages.   In the book & seminars, Latezes advocates that the time for marriage preparation is during someone’s single stage in life. Both the book and seminar sessions address key developmental goals which can be viewed below.

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Single Wives Rock!

This motivational session is designed to empower, inspire, and propel women from singlehood to successful marriages through the art of preparation. It specifically teaches us how to obtain and sustain healthy relationships and fulfilling marriages as we learn to: Identify with the greatness within, develop, strengthen, and maintain a healthy relationship FIRST with God. We learn this by understanding what true love is, how to give and receive love appropriately, and by sharing forgiveness with those who have hurt us. We teach in detail the principles of being Single Wives, or women who are spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to obtain and sustain healthy relationships or fulfilling marriages.

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Destiny Decisions

We must understand that each choice we make either aligns us with our purpose or moves us out of purpose, thus effecting our destiny. This session helps participants to realize their true potential in Christ, tap into their purpose and align with God’s plan for their lives.  In this session, we identify our spiritual gifts, natural talents, and then create a plan that moves us directly on the path to destiny.

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The Journey to Wholeness

All of us have been affected by negative situations in life or have experienced pain that has not healed. Most often, the root of our pain is related to emotional trauma which began in our childhoods and the effects  of which, play out in our adult relationships.  This session helps participants to overcome the root causes of low self-esteem, negative thought patterns, cycles of abuse-self inflicted and otherwise.  Participants begin the process of healing and deliverance from the effects of childhood trauma, domestic abuse (physical, mental/psychological, emotional, & verbal). This session digs deep into the hearts and minds of the participants, and takes them on a journey to become free from emotional bondage ,which prevents us from having successful or truly healthy relationships.

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Disconnecting from Dysfunctional Relationships

Often times, women are most challenged in the are of our emotions, which is usually evidenced by symptoms of depression, low self-esteem,  eating disorders, and/or involvement in unhealthy relationships.  Sometimes we normalize the “drama” of unhealthy relationships and never learn what healthy relationships should look like.  This session clearly outlines the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships and demonstrates the importance of disconnecting from dysfunctional or abusive relationships to free ourselves to attract healthy and fulfilling connections.

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You are Royalty - Date Like It!

This session teaches women the biblical principles of courtship for the purpose of connecting deeply with an IDEAL MATE for marriage. This session helps us to prepare for dating from the inside out- we begin the internal processing of letting go of unrealistic expectations of others and ourselves in relationships, releasing emotional debt from the past, and dealing with self-esteem issues, which are a few steps that will enable us to engage in healthy relationships. We deal with key areas of attraction as well as identifying the characteristics of ideal mates pursuant to biblical standards.  This session assists us to understand the roles of wives and husbands so that we make better decisions while dating by eliminating those who do not qualify as potential marriage mates.

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Marriage 101

This session is great for singles or the married alike as it lays out God’s original design for marriage, which is much different than what most of us see in the media.  It clearly outlines the covenant expectations, “job descriptions”, and personal responsibilities of each person in the marriage based on God’s intended design. This session, gives us a crash course on the various purposes for the institution and how we can divorce-proof our marriages by simply adhering to a few basic principles.  We discuss the true meaning of submission, sexuality, child rearing, and having kingdom-focused communication to improve marriages.   This session is designed to help singles prepare for the roles of husbands or wives but also to help couples restore their joy, commitment, and understand how to effectively meet the deepest needs of their partners. 

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Manifesting Your Mate; Speaking Your Relationship Vision into Reality: “Mind-Mouth-Manifestation”

This session is ideal for both singles and the married alike as we all can benefit from creating a vision for our relationships. We plan for everything in life and leave our relationship success to chance…what a fatal mistake!  We will guide each person as we seek to manifest specific things such as joy, peace, love, and financial success in our relationships. For those desiring to attract their ideal mate, this process will help them to do that. For those struggling to “see the best” in their current mates, this session will assist  them to do that as well.  This powerful session demonstrates principles and processes that apply to any area of your life In which you desire to manifest something.

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Simply getting married does not make you a wife. Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains the favor of the Lord” That would mean that you should be a wife BEFORE the wedding! Preparation is the key. -Latezes Bridges

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