Latezes Bridges, a powerful Inspirational Speaker, Visionary Leader, and Evangelist who provides regular spiritual insight on the Total Christian Network, in countless churches, and businesses internationally.  Her TV productions have been featured on Fox 50 and she Executive Produced/Hosted the national radio show, “Building Bridges, which aired on The Truth Broadcasting Station.

Latezes Bridges – a destiny-driven woman of wisdom and purpose, has devoted herself to inspiring others to use their God-ordained gifts to achieve success in life and fulfill their destinies . As a successful Entrepreneur/Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) Business Consultant,  she has been coined as“The Solution-ologist” , the go-to person who creates innovative solutions for business and relational challenges.  The humanitarian and philanthropist has traveled across the globe teaching the masses with the vision of positively influencing future generations by empowering individuals to transcend barriers and to develop holistically. She believes that, “whole people create healthy families-healthy families create stronger communities- and stronger communities build a better world”. LB

Latezes Bridges is the President/CEO of Success & Beyond Global Enterprises, and the Visionary Chair of Beyond the Barriers Outreach, Inc. where they are providing hope to the hopeless through targeted business solutions and outreach programs and through the faith they are “CONNECTING COMMUNITIES, CROSSING BORDERS, & CHANGING LIVES” for the Kingdom. Latezes is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire World of Success: www.anniejenningspr.com/jenningswire/author/latezes-bridges/